Discover a journey into the heartland of an undisturbed, uncrowded Australia - a road trip that will change you forever

Free yourself with this epic South Western Australia road trip that will take you through wine regions, towering forests and along marine life-rich coast before heading across the outback.

The South West Edge hero route is a 12 day adventure that traverses 1200km from Perth to Esperance, a road trip that will fill your lungs, leave you in awe, and have you breathing more deeply. It feeds your soul with discovery and wonderment; every turn giving you a new experience.

Queens on the Edge

4 Queens. 1 Road trip. 0 F*#ks.

Meet Roz, Bernie, Sandy and Lisa and travel like a Queen.

Follow our Queens on their 12 day road trip of the South West Edge in this three part series that promises laughs as long as the Busso Jetty, personalities as big as the waves in Margaret River and wisdom as ancient as the Karri trees in Pemberton. 

Start planning your Southwest Edge road trip today and ticking off your f*&t it list here. Because as Roz would say; buckets are for drinking.


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