Welcome to Western Australia's truffle heartland

Distance from Perth: 291km ( 3 hours 20 minutes)

Known for: Truffles. Forest. Wine.

Manjimup is known as Australia’s truffle heartland; home of the Périgord truffle. With some of the most nutrient-rich soils, this part of the Southern Forests and Valleys is perfect for growing truffles. In winter, join a truffle dog hunt to search for this black gold and indulge on truffles at one of the region’s restaurants. Feast on other local delights such as marron, trout, cherries and chestnuts along the way.

A portrait image of man on truffle hunt with two women smelling fresh truffle to show luxury experiences en route along The Edge
Truffle dog hunt, Manjimup

Manjimup Heritage Park and Powerup Museum

Explore the 12 hectare Manjimup Heritage Park, which features museums, natural bushlands, heritage displays and walk trails. Pack a picnic and stay for the day – there’s something for the whole family to enjoy!

While here, don't miss the Powerup Electricity Museum - an immersive learning experience that the whole family can enjoy. Exploring the development and impact of electricity in Western Australia, you’ll discover stimulating displays and people-powered activities that spark everyone’s curiosity. From the first light bulb to the future of solar energy, you’ll be switched on at Power Up.

Truffle Dog Hunts

Winter in Manjimup means truffle season! Here there are prime growing conditions for one of the world's most prize delicacies when it comes to food. Join a truffle dog hunt from June to August to witness the truffle dogs in action as they search for black gold - the Périgord truffle!

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