Pemberton in our Southern Forests and Valleys is the perfect place to stretch your legs and get back to nature. Hit the mountain bike trails including the 1000km-long Munda Biddi, or hike a section of the 1000km-long Bibbulmum Track, or even scale a climbing tree.

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Test your fear of heights by scaling Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree in the Warren National Park, the highest of the three trees at 75 metres high.Enjoy sweeping views of the karri forest from the top viewing platform, once used as a fire lookout.

Gloucester Tree

So tall it was once used as a fire lookout over the region. While no longer in use today, the giant pegs nailed into its trunk – which function as a makeshift ladder – remain the only equipment you’ve got to climb to the 58-metre-tall top. The same height as a 16-storey skyscraper, that’s a nerve-racking climb: but views from the enclosed balcony at its summit are a worthy reward. Cast your eye over the sea of green, which stretches all the way to the sea, and let your heartbeat return to normal before commencing the return journey.

Yeagarup Dunes

Take a tour of Yeagarup Dunes, one of the world's largest moving sand dune systems with incredible views. Enjoy a four-wheel driving adventure at Yeagarup Dunes, where you'll experience sweeping views of the forest.

Beedelup Falls

Hang on tight and walk along the swing bridge at Beedelup National Park.

You'll see the amazing Beedelup Falls gushing below, where water flows over steep granite rocks. You can park close by, to take the circular walk trail around Lake Beedelup.

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