10 Epic Mountain Bike Trails on The South West Edge

Fuel your adventurous spirit with these epic mountain bike trails en route along THE EDGE.

1. The Munda Biddi Trail, Perth to Albany

One of the world’s longest off-road cycling trails, the Munda Biddi stretches 1000km from Mundaring (in Perth) to Albany. Embrace a section of this world-class, nature-based off-road cycling experience that begins in Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, winding through unspoilt river valleys and magnificent forests with purpose-built campsites and roomy camp huts along the way through the South West before finishing in Albany. Expect to cycle through towering eucalyptus and karri forests, unspoiled bushland and beautiful wildflower heaths when you embark on this cycling journey. There are plenty of access points along the route, so pick your starting line and get riding.

2. The Grizzly Trail, Wellington National Park

The Grizzly Trail forms part of the Mount Lennard mountain bike area, which contains around 40km of mountain biking trails. Challenge yourself with an obstacle course of bermed turns and log rides, set along a narrow track that winds through a 6km loop of jarrah forest and granite outcrops. The other trails here are also quite a thrill, with a very organic feel as they follow the gentle slope of Pile Road.

3. Arklow Trails, Collie

The Arklow Trails are an impressive trail network connecting Collie with Harris Dam via beautiful jarrah forest. Try the popular Rays Trail, which offers a tight twisting, cross-country mountain biking experience not for the faint-hearted. Start the 8km ride with heaps of twists and turns, before encountering berms as you travel downhill. You’ll then be greeted by an uphill climb and several large log rides. For an easier adventure, follow the Arklow Adaptive Trail, a 9.2km loop suitable for people with disabilities.

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Mountain biking, Pemberton

The Munda Biddi Trail is a world-class, nature-based off-road cycling experience spanning 1000 kilometres from Perth to Albany, a truly exhilarating adventure.

4. The Pines Trails, Margaret River

Located right on the edge of Margaret River town, The Pines are some of the best mountain bike trails in Western Australia. Easy fire road climbs, fast, flowing single-track descents, berms and fun table top jumps characterise these adrenaline-pumping tracks, which are great options to for riders of all abilities and families with kids to seek out adventure.

5. Relentless Blue, Pemberton

The signature trail of the Pemberton MTB Park, Relentless Blue is a difficult 4.5km trail that incorporates the lay of the land with turns, switchbacks, log rollovers, a log mountain, wall rides, earth berms and the “Hell Mile”. The western side of the trail features the main climb and a series of ups and downs, while the eastern side has distinct cross-country elements. No matter which trail you pick in the Pemberton MTB Park, you’ll find yourself surrounded by giant karri trees; a stunning backdrop for a day of riding.

6. Denmark to Nornalup Heritage Rail Trail

This 54km scenic coastal trail features a variety of forest, farmland and coastal heathland views for something a little different. Take in the vast views as you venture along the distinct section of the Denmark to Nornalup Heritage Rail Trail suitable for bikes, following close along the water at times in this full-day adventure.

7. The Piggery, Esperance

This single track mountain bike trail in Esperance is a fun moderate ride, with reasonable gradients, variable surfaces and some obstacles along the way. It’s perfect for skilled mountain bikers who have high fitness and enjoy berms, jumps and drop-offs, as well as beginners who are building confidence. The Piggery is particularly beautiful in spring when colourful native wildflowers line the track.

8. Kep Track, Mundaring to Northam

The Kep Track is a multiple day adventure trail stretching 75km from Mundaring in Perth Hills, to Northam in the east. This longer-distance track follows an old rail formation, surrounded by native Australian bush.

9. Kalamunda MTB Trail Network, Perth

Spend a full or half-day adventuring in The Kalamunda MTB Trail Network, located roughly 40minutes from Perth’s CBD. Here in the picturesque Perth Hills, there is over 40km of track to be explored. The many trails on the network meander through luscious National Park and State Forest, with trails suitable for riders of all ages and abilities.

10. Forsyths Mill, Perth Hills

For those looking for something shorter but with a bit of a thrill, the 6km moderate loop trail of Forsyths Mill will certainly satisfy. This short cross-country track packs in plenty of features, giving slightly more experienced mountain bikers plenty of log rolls, bomb holes and jumps to get the adrenaline pumping. Spend a few hours here for some exhilarating fun.

For more mountain bike trails en route along THE EDGE, visit the Trails WA website.

An image of a couple riding mountain bikes in a forest with river beside them shows outdoor adventure experiences immersed in nature while on The South West Edge road trip
Mountain biking, Wellington National Park


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