Delve into the Walpole Wilderness

Walpole is full of wilderness, so much so that it’s called the Walpole Wilderness. Here you’ll find mountains, ancient tingle forests and rugged coastal cliffs with wild Southern Ocean views.

A girl walks on a boardwalk that passes through a hollow tingle tree to show the vast natural landscapes and attractions along The South West Edge road trip
Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, near Walpole

Mount Chudalup

Take the 1.5-kilometre Summit Walk Trail and climb to Mt Chudalup. Here, you'll be rewarded with 360 degree views over the surrounding karri forest and coast.

Valley of the Giants

Explore the beauty of the treetops on a lightweight cabled walkway, which leads you high above the leafy canopy across a series of aerial platforms that gently sway back and forth with the breeze. Then, back on the ground, follow a twisting pathway through the forest floor to see their size and grandeur up close. As well as the famous karri trees native to the region, the valley is home to red tingle trees which, fittingly, often impart a sense of tingling wonder in those who come to see them.

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