7 of the Best Secret Beaches Along The South West Edge

Western Australia is known across the globe for its amazing coastline and stunning beaches, and the South West Edge is no exception.

We know sometimes you want to head away from the most well-known spots and find a secret sanctuary just for you – and with a coastline like ours, that’s no problem.  There are so many secret little beaches along The Edge, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites – just don’t tell anyone! Here are our top seven hidden gems to explore this summer.

1. Mary Cove, Rottnest Island

There’s no shortage of amazing beaches on Rottnest Island, but if you’re looking for a quiet spot to soak up the sun and don your mask and flippers, it doesn’t get much better than Mary Cove. This is a sanctuary zone, meaning fishing is prohibited, leaving the beautiful ocean waters clear for you to swim and snorkel in. The cove is protected from waves by natural rock formations, so it’s great for kids or a relaxing dip. It’s easy to see why this hidden spot is loved by locals and visitors alike, and it’s a nice change to the busier spots on the island.

2. Sandtrax Beach, Fremantle

With a backdrop of shipping containers and cranes – this beach couldn’t get any more Freo. The beach is located in North Fremantle, and there is no official carpark – but it is worth finding yourself a park on the roadside to explore this off-the-beaten-track beach. This is the perfect spot to escape the crowds and feel like you’re on your very own private beach. However, this is a favourite spot for local surfers, so you may have to share the water with them – or just watch as you laze from your towel.

Little Beach, Albany

The South West Edge has some of the world's best - and most pristine - beaches this side of the equator.

3. Madfish Bay, Denmark

The natural beauty of Denmark speaks for itself, and although it’s probably best known for Greens Pool, we’ve got a real soft spot for Madfish Bay. This beach is located in the scenic William Bay National Park but it’s quieter and more private than some of the more famous beaches. The secluded little beach is surrounded by rock formations which create a picturesque view over Wilson Head and the nearby windfarm. At low tide, you can occasionally walk directly across to the small island.

4. Little Beach, Albany

Little Beach in Two People’s Bay Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful beaches along The Edge. Expect to see some of the most beautiful turquoise waters, squeaky white sand, and large waves lapping against the shore. This is a great place for a beach walk with the sand between your toes – it’s instantly recognisable with its single, giant stone sitting alone on the shore. There’s plenty of room and you can either lay on the sand or perch on the rocks and gaze out to sea.

5. Anvil Beach, Albany

The Nullaki Peninsula is the southern boundary of the Wilson Inlet in Albany and it is home to the incredible Anvil Beach. With plenty of space, great sea breeze and constant impeccable surf conditions; you can spend the day lazing on the beach, walking along the shoreline or just soaking in the incredible views. The stairs down to the beach are steep and sandy, but the journey is worth it for the views alone!

6. Point Ann, Fitzgerald River National Park

This one is a true hidden gem – especially in the Winter months because Point Ann is one the best and most picturesque whale watching spots on the whole Fitzgerald Coast. If you are travelling along the South West Edge in winter, make this your number one place to look for whales cruising by. If you’re travelling in another season don’t worry – the views over the Barren Ranges are spectacular any time of the year.

7. Hellfire Bay, Esperance

Cape Le Grand National Park in Esperance is home to some extremely popular beaches including the famous Lucky Bay. These are undoubtedly beautiful, but if you head further around the national park you’ll find the incredible Hellfire Bay. Driving through the greenery of the national park, then walking down onto the shore of Hellfire Bay is a dramatic contrast, with some of the whitest beach sands in the world. Basking in the sun upon this curved bay will instantly relax you, as the turquoise waters lap the shore. It is not uncommon to be the only person on the beach at this unforgettable location!

A landscape image of a sandy staircase down to a pristine cove beach on Rottnest Island to show the beaches en route along The South West Edge
Rottnest Island


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