6 of the Best Snorkelling Spots on The South West Edge

If you’re looking to don your mask and flippers and do a spot of snorkelling, you’re in luck.

The South West Edge is a snorkellers paradise, taking you along one of the most beautiful and diverse coastlines in the world. We’ve compiled six of our favourite (and slightly lesser known) snorkelling spots along The Edge so you know where to stop to get the very best underwater experience.

1. Rottnest Island, Perth

Rotto is famous for its crystal clear water and many snorkelling spots, but did you know there’s a marine snorkel trail? Head over to Parker Point on the southern side of the island and look out for the yellow buoys in the water. You’ll find the marine trail, which features a number of plaques on the seabed which allow you to read about the abundant flora and fish life in the area. There are close to 400 species of fish and 20 species of coral around the island, so this is a snorkellers paradise!

2. Dolphin Discovery Centre, Bunbury

Want to swim with wild dolphins? Pop on your wet-suit and snorkel at Bunbury’s Dolphin Discovery Centre. During the warmer months from November to April, you can join a Dolphin Swim Tour and immerse yourself in the calm waters of Koombana Bay where wild Bottlenose Dolphins roam in their own environment. Accompanied by an experienced guide and trained volunteers, you will venture into the open waters where the dolphins may initiate interaction – a truly exhilarating experience!

An image of people swimming in pristine crystal clear blue ocean surrounded by reef to show incredible landscapes on The South West Edge road trip
The Basin, Rottnest Island

Dive below the surface of some of the most pristine coastline this side of the equator en route along the edge.

3. Busselton Jetty, Busselton

This iconic jetty is the longest in the southern hemisphere and thanks to the timber structure is now also one of Australia’s greatest artificial reefs. You can explore around the jetty at your leisure or join an organised tour if you want to hire gear and be guided around the area. Fancy experiencing this underwater world without getting your hair wet? Then you’ve got to try an UNDERSEA WALK BY SeaTREK. The team will place a dive helmet on your head and explain how it all works, then you’ll make your way down to explore the marine world beneath!

4. The Aquarium, Yallingup

The Aquarium has become an Instagram favourite of late, with holidaymakers often asking locals for directions to find this hidden gem. This stunning, natural granite rockpool is protected from the crashing waves, with just a gentle flow of fresh water coming into the pool. It’s perfect for a slow, relaxing snorkel in the summer; but be sure to get there early and avoid the crowds.

5. Granny’s Pool, Margaret River

Tucked up in Flinders Bay, an ocean outcrop of rock rings around the pool and breaks the southerly swells, creating a swathe of calm blue perfect for snorkelling. This sheltered spot is great if conditions are a little windy elsewhere on the coast. The crystal clear, waist-deep water is surrounded by rocks and reef, so it’s protected and easy to explore.

6. Woody Island, Esperance

Woody Island is one of the 105 islands in the Recherche Archipelago located just off the coast of Esperance. You can take a daytrip with a local tour operator, or even stay overnight on the island. The granite islands and underwater outcrops provide spectacular drop offs, underwater caves and swim-throughs for some amazingly adventurous snorkelling. The southern waters are known for their excellent visibility and are home to the elusive leafy sea dragon. Head to Shearwater Bay and you will find a snorkel trail that guides you along an amazing underwater route.

A landscape image of underwater coral near Esperance to show snorkelling on The South West Edge
Snorkelling, Woody Island, near Esperance


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