A Mindful Escape En Route Along The South West Edge

The world can seem an overwhelming place right now, so when people escape on holiday, they are seeking out experiences that nurture their soul and bring peace to their hearts.

A trip along The South West Edge can be rejuvenating and meditative – open spaces, incredible natural wonders, heart-warming people, and unforgettable locations all make for a blissed-out road trip. We have complied our favourite cup-filling things to see and do while relaxing along The Edge, which will see you return home happy, relaxed and tranquil.

Try Shinrin-yoku

Try a little nature therapy amid The South West Edge’s many forests, bushlands and national parks. Based on the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is about taking time to slowly and mindfully appreciate our incredible natural surrounds. Leave your phone behind and take time to meander beneath canopies of trees, the lush greenery at your ankles. Breathe deeply, inhaling the scents of the forest and gaze at nature’s vivid colour palette.

  • The Tuart Forest National Park near Busselton is part of the only remaining natural tuart forest in the entire world.
  • Boranup Forest in Margaret River is atmospheric, with sun-dappled tree canopies and a lush green forest floor.
  • The Karri Forest Explorer in Pemberton is an 86km self-guided drive through some of the region’s most magnificent karri forest.
  • Visit the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk in Walpole and explore the walkway 40 metres above the forest floor before taking the boardwalk trail through a grove of veteran tingle trees.
  • The Porongurup Range rises from a sea of giant Karri trees, an incredible place to relax and marvel at the scenery.
  • Fitzgerald River National Park, a UNESCO recognised international biosphere reserve with more than 1,800 beautiful and unique species of flowering plants as well as lichens, mosses and fungi.

Sleep beneath the stars

There’s no better way to seriously switch off than sleeping under the stars and waking to the cool morning breeze on your skin. There are heaps of amazing camping spots along The Edge; from glamping with a touch of luxury, to back to basics national parks away from the crowds. Be sure to turn your phone off and gaze at the night sky, in some of the remote areas of The South West Edge there is hardly any light pollution, so you’ll be treated to an incredible sky show, and even views of the Milky Way.

A person stands silhoutted on a rock with an amazing view of the milky way and millions of stars in the blue sky to show the secluded natural monuments found on The South West Edge road trip from perth to esperance
Stargazing at West Beach, Fitzgerald River National Park

A trip along The South West Edge can be rejuvenating and meditative – open spaces, incredible natural wonders, heart-warming people, and unforgettable locations all make for a blissed-out road trip.

Bathe in nature’s spa

Take advantage of the beautiful, natural phenomena along The Edge and indulge in a totally unique spa experience. Whilst there are many luxurious experiences to be had along The Edge, the Aquarium in Yallingup, is a stunning, natural granite rockpool. The pool is protected from the crashing waves, with just a gentle flow of fresh water coming into the pool creating the feeling of an ultra-special spa.

Delve underground

If you want to get a new perspective on life, head beneath the ground into one of the South West’s many caves. Lake Cave is a stunning crystal chamber, deep beneath the earth. Entry to this cave is from the floor of a sunken forest, surrounded by towering karri trees. Inside the cave, a tranquil lake mirrors the delicate crystal formations that grow from the cave roof, while the massive ‘Suspended Table’ hangs from the ceiling, almost touching the waters of the lake. Ngilgi Cave is exquisitely decorated with stunning stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and beautifully coloured shawls. For a special experience, take a tour with Koomal Dreaming and be mesmerised by a live didgeridoo performance and hear the incredible storytelling from the custodians of the land.

Go chasing waterfalls

Some say that because of the negative ions released by a waterfall, you can’t help but feeling happy when you’re near one. The “science” says that when the negative ions enter into our bloodstream, it increases the production of serotonin, which is the chemical for happiness. Even if you’re not sure about that theory, no one can deny being by a waterfall is a wonderfully calming experience. When it comes to falls along The Edge, the majority will be at their fullest in Spring and Winter.

  • Quinninup Falls is an ocean-facing, 10-metre waterfall that cascades onto a sandy beach within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.
  • Nestled in the Greater Beedelup National Park near Pemberton, the Beedelup Falls are surrounded by lush karri forest and comprised of a series of cascades. Take the 300-metre walk across the suspension bridge to the falls, or complete the full 4.5km loop walking trail and meander through the karri forest.
  • Lane Poole Falls in Northcliffe drops for 10-metres and is accessible by a 5km return walking trail.
  • In winter, Fernhook Falls’ water furiously gushes through the falls to create a bubbly whitewash – whereas in summer, the flow is a trickle that makes the connecting Rowell’s Pool a tranquil place for a dip.
  • Lesmurdie Falls in the Perth Hills is a 50-metre waterfall and one of the most spectacular falls on the Darling Range escarpment. Take the 1.5km walking trail which is spotted with handcrafted bridges and seats that provide the perfect view of the brook as it cascades down towards the falls.

Experience the phenomena of Hygge

There’s something so magical about snuggling up in front of a wood fire. The Danish call it Hygge; cosy contentment felt by enjoying the simple things in life. Along The Edge you’ll find cosy cabins warmed by wood burning stoves and glamping options with camp fires. Just bring your favourite book, a bag of marshmallows for toasting and grab a bottle of locally made wine to enjoy by the warming fire.

Enjoy massage, yoga and meditation

The natural beauty, fresh coastal air and high concentration of wellness practitioners along The Edge make this the perfect time to treat your body and soul. In particular, the Margaret River region, Southern Forests and Valleys and Great Southern are havens for people seeking health, beauty and wellbeing. From yoga classes on the beach to luxurious ocean-front spas to retreats and wellness escapes; this is the place to treat yourself. Take a 4 Day Yoga & Wellness Glamping Adventure of the South West with Nullarbor Traveller, with tours departing from January 2021. Or, try Premalaya, a beautiful wellness retreat in Margaret River with yoga classes in their studio focused on a strong body and strong mind. For 5-star luxury, stay at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort and enjoy the onsite Vie Day Spa for ultimate relaxation and pampering.

Take in the sunsets

Watching one day melt into night is inherently relaxing. As the sun dips below the horizon and the sky turns pink, orange and lilac, there’s something soothing knowing a new day is about to begin. There are so many special places along The Edge to experience a memorable sunset – here are some of the most picturesque spots to watch the sun go down.

A drone image shows a woman floating in a pristine crystal clear rock pool to show natural attractions en route along The Edge road trip
The Aquarium along the Cape to Cape Track, Yallingup


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